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  • How Protection Specialists can Build Their Team

    Successful Protection Advisers spend plenty of time with their clients, ensuring that they are providing relevant protection with the most appropriate protection company. Finding out relevant medical details and researching the products in advance, helps with initial sales and fewer clawbacks.

    Building a protection business is all about getting in front of plenty of people and spending time with them. To help maximise the amount of people you see, it is worth considering how you can reduce the time in front of the computer or on the phone to providers.

    One way to do this is to build up a good support team who can do all the leg work for you and in our experience there are three stages at which work can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant (VA):

    1.  Pre-Sale – once you have done your initial fact find you can give this research work to your VA. They can speak to medical underwriters to find out what information they will require about a condition, whether the client is likely to be rated and if so at what rate. This allows you as an adviser to recommend the best provider to the client. The VA can also prepare your quotes and comparison reports in advance of your sales meeting.

    2.  Post-sale – Armed with your quotes you will return to the client for a sales meeting, when you will complete the application form. Although advisers can put these in directly on-line to the provider, many protection specialists like to complete a data capture form with their clients because this is much more personal (and sometimes more practical) than going through a list of questions on a computer screen. If you use data capture forms, just give these to your VA to submit online. They will also coordinate supporting documents such as Access to Medical Records forms and Trust forms that may be required prior to the policy going on risk.

    3. On-risk – if a client needs medical reports or any screening prior to being offered terms, a VA can check on the progress of these for you, so you don’t have to spend frustrating time on the phone. Once the policy has gone on risk a VA can ensure all the documentation is recorded for compliance purposes and check that you have been paid the correct commission.

    By delegating any of these tasks to a VA who specialises in working with Protection Advisers, you will be able to see more clients and build your business.


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