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  • How a Virtual Assistant Can Support Mortgage Advisers

    admin support for mortgage advisers


    It is tough in the world of Mortgage Advisers these days. Plenty of people want to buy houses and there are plenty of great mortgage deals but actually getting the companies to offer mortgages is quite a challenge. It doesn’t matter whether the mortgage is for £50,000 or £500,000, the amount of paperwork required is virtually the same.

    At Cloud 9 Admin we estimate that it takes about a day to submit an application, pull together all the supporting documentation and ensure all the compliance information is in place. This is a huge chunk of time out of an Advisers day when they could be meeting clients and signing up business.

    Admin Support for Mortgage Advisers


    The paperwork for mortgages is the ideal type of work to outsource to virtual assistants and here at Cloud 9 Admin we have a highly experienced team of virtual assistants who can assist throughout the process.

    Here are just some of the tasks we can carry out for you:

    • Submitting online applications
    • Uploading all the initial supporting documents to the lender
    • Liaising with the client for any additional requests such as proof of income, gifted deposit letters and accountants letters and forwarding them to the lender
    • Chasing up the lender and discussing suitable paperwork, for example proof of address documents
    • Liaising with Accountants, Solicitors, Valuers and Estate Agents as required to get the mortgage to offer
    • Drafting suitability letters
    • Ensuring all the documentation is on file for compliance purposes
    • Invoicing clients for fees
    • Checking payment of proc fees

    We can work with your own CRM system or set one up for you to assist in communications.

    Call Nikki on 07790 005865 if you are interested in our Mortgage Support Service.

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