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  • How Protection Advisers can Build Their Team

    Successful Protection Advisers spend plenty of time with their clients, ensuring that they are providing relevant protection with the most appropriate protection company. Finding out relevant medical details and researching the products in advance, helps with initial sales and fewer clawbacks. Building a protection business is all about getting in front of plenty of people and spending time with [...]

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    Say it With a Smile

    Last week was World Smile Day and it made me think about how important smiling is in any business. Building relationships is an integral part of most businesses, whether you meet people face to face or only ever contact remotely. Smiling is a crucial part of building that relationship – if you meet people, a smile and eye contact really help with customer relations. But for many businesses, [...]

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    How a Virtual Assistant can Support Mortgage Advisers

      It is tough in the world of Mortgage Advisers these days. Plenty of people want to buy houses and there are plenty of great mortgage deals but actually getting the companies to offer mortgages is quite a challenge. It doesn’t matter whether the mortgage is for £50,000 or £500,000, the amount of paperwork required is virtually the same. At Cloud 9 Admin we estimate that it takes about a day [...]

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    Tips for Working with a Virtual Assistant

    Working with a virtual assistant can be an excellent way for you to grow your business by delegating your important tasks. It works best when you build a healthy relationship based on respect and trust. Your VA should be regarded as a valuable part of your team – wherever they are located.  Here are some of my tips on building a good relationship with your Virtual Assistant. Good Communication [...]

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    How a VA can help you get that Summer Holiday

    Small business owners are notorious for not taking holidays. They worry about missing opportunities, losing clients, not having time and a whole list of other excuses. But, a good break is vital for both the business and the business owner. As a small business owner myself, I’ve had holidays where I’ve taken my laptop and I’ve kept my phone by my side, but it’s not a practical solution and[...]

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